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Cal-Mag Liquid

32 oz. Liquid - 30 Day Supply

New Taste and it's fantastic!! Natural Passion Fruit Tangerine Flavor

Highly absorbable liquid calcium, magnesium and essential co-factors, in a Fulvic mineral base

No other bone maintenance formula contains the combined features and ingredients of Vital Earth's Cal-Mag Liquid. That's what makes it so effective.

To be the best requires a unique combination of ingredients: recognized potencies, the most effective forms, and mild processing that doesn't damage nutrients. Unite those features with Fulvic and you facilitate the kind of absorption that makes every ingredient in our Cal-Mag Liquid a powerhouse on the cellular level.

The body's ability to utilize calcium properly is directly related to how well it is able to pass through cell membranes. Since calcium is one of the most difficult elements to digest and utilize, the addition of Fulvic is what makes this product unsurpassed for maximum absorption to help maintain healthy bone mass.

An adequate intake of daily dietary Calcium is required to control the heart rate, blood clotting, muscle contraction, and much more. And Magnesium is an important co-factor in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the human body, contributing to the production of cardiovascular functions, and the production and synthesis of energy.

A key benefit is that Cal-Mag Liquid is pre-acidified and pH balanced for optimum absorlption. Having it pre-acidified, and in liquid form essentially makes the calcium ready for absorption by the time you drink it. Other calciums have to be acidified by the acids in the stomach and that means much lower absorption.

Fulvic is the perfect "transporter"

It supercharges nutrients and then carries them right through cell membranes with ease. The more nutrients reaching cells, the better the results.

The form of calcium is another crucial factor in bone health supplements. Cal-Mag Liquid's mix of highly absorbable calcium citrate, lactate-gluconate and especially lithothamnion red algae make it unsurpassed for building and preserving bone structure (Lithothamnion red algae is a mineral-rich extract that comes from red marine algae). Red algae is a natural source of trace minerals and vitamin K2, allowing easier digestion and powerful absorption of calcium directly to bones.

To go a step further in supporting healthy bone mass, Cal-Mag Liquid also contains essential co-factor ingredients Vitamin D3, L-Lysine, Boron, and Vegetal Bamboo Extract Silica; all powerful components for maximizing bone strength. Fulvic has a special relationship with each of these ingredients. When Fulvic complexes with vegetal silica and magnesium, as found in Cal-Mag Liquid, it facilitates a unique transmutation to promote normal bone creation and maintain healthy calcium levels in bones.

All these benefits mean the ingredients in our Cal-Mag are maximally utilized by the body. Vital Earth's Cal-Mag Liquid is more effectual due to its high absorbancy and extraordinary combination of ingredients.

Calcium is a powerful alkalizer

To help cope with body acidity, calcium may be taken from bones leaving them vulnerable to excessive calcium depletion over time. Supplementing with a good calcium product will assist with proper body pH thus decreasing calcium loss due to acidity.

Adequate Calcium and Vitamin D throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, is important for preserving healthy bone.

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body

Magnesium's benefits have been greatly overlooked until recently. Now, many researchers are recommending increases to the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance), with many suggesting as much as double the current recommendation.

It promotes healthy relaxed muscle function and serves to maintain proper healthy balance for many of the body's processes. Magnesium can help us all perform well under stress, lessen the discomfort of headaches, and regulate moods.

Here you can watch our information video on Cal-Mag Liquid:


  • Supports bone health
  • Assists proper nerve and muscle function
  • Alkalizing minerals support proper body pH
  • Promotes sound restful sleep
  • Helps balance blood sugar already in the normal range
  • Promotes emotional well-being
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Helps regulate blood pressure already in the normal range
  • Natural electrolyte
  • Liquid delivery system for maximum uptake of nutrients
  • Fulvic mineral base assists absorption and utilization
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Sweetened with low-glycemic Stevia
  • NO wheat or dairy, NO gluten, and NO GMO ingredients
  • NO artificial flavorings or colorings
  • None of the fillers, binders, or chemical preservatives that can be found in other brands
  • NO sugar, crystalline fructose or artificial sweeteners

Common Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

  • Restless Sleep
  • Low Energy / Fatigue
  • Muscle Twitches
  • Leg Cramps
  • Constipation
  • Poor digestion
  • Body Aches

Almost 78% of Americans have been found to be deficient in Magnesium

Allergen statement


Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol), 1000IU
Calcium(as citrate, lactate-gluconate, lithothamnion red algae), 1200mg (500mg Elemental)
Magnesium (as citrate), 600mg (250mg Elemental)
L-Lysine 100mg
Boron (as glycinate chelate), 2mg
Bamboo extract (70% silica) (stem), 150mg

Other ingredients:
Purified Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Citric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Natural Fruit Derived Flavors, Xanthan Gum, Stevia Leaf Extract, Potassium Sorbate and Potassium Benzoate (to preserve freshness) (less than 1/10th of 1%)


Adults: 1 fluid ounce daily (the bottle lid is one ounce). Take straight from the bottle or add to water, juice, or other Vital-Earth liquid products. For best absorption, take with food. Shake well. Refrigerate after opening

Safety Warnings:

Precautions: Use only as directed. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a serious medical condition, consult a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children.


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Cal-Mag Liquid
Cal-Mag Liquid
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  • 32 oz. Liquid ~ 30 Day Supply
Natural Passion Fruit Tangerine - Tastes absolutely GREAT!!