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Mineral Blend Bottle

Mineral Blend

32 oz. Liquid - 30 Day Supply

Powerful blend of 3 parts Fulvic to 1 part Humic
Rich dark color but it's tasteless!
Alkaline pH of between 7.0 and 9.0

The ideal mix for people who are looking for a convenient and money saving way to combine our key products, Fulvic Mineral Complex and Humic Minerals. The perfect daily maintenance formula.

All our minerals are plant based by default. To maintain and protect the Humic and Fulvic, no chemical acids, heat, or pressure extrusion are ever used in our extraction method.

Humic and Fulvic essentially prepare nutrients to inter-react with each other, and those synergistic relationships are what fuel cellular energy. Better cellular energy translates into better physical energy and stamina, healthy cognitive function, restful sleep, balanced body pH, and a vigorous immune system. Plant-derived Humic/Fulvic Minerals create energizing results you can feel.

Humic and Fulvic also assist the body's natural detoxification processes. This is one of the most sought-after benefits of Humic and Fulvic. Mineral Blend Fulvic-Humic aids elimination of everyday toxins from the body.

Humic and Fulvic extracts alkalize and oxygenate the body

The body can only effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients when pH levels are in balance. Because of this, the body’s pH level is crucial to continued good health.

Alkalizing the body with oxygenating plant-based minerals is key to maintaining healthy, balanced pH levels.

Not all humic/fulvic mineral products are produced the same. Here’s why:

Vital Earth’s humic/fulvic is alkaline, not acidic

Vital Earth’s humic/fulvic is NEVER processed with chemical acids or high heat which destroys humic/fulvic

Vital Earth’s humic/fulvic is full strength - the original humic source is never “reused” to make multiple batches.

Better Than Colloidal Minerals:

Colloidals are solid particles that are simply being held in liquid suspension; they are too large to be used by cells easily and offer little health benefit. The ionic particles of Fulvic are “dissolved” and are so small they are not even measurable in liquid form, which means they are able to pass right through cell membranes into the cells where they go to work.

Can be used at first sign of imbalance or depressed resistance*

Humic can prevent viruses from binding to or penetrating cells, interrupting the virus's reproductive cycle. It feeds and strengthens the good flora to maintain microbial balance.

Here you can watch our YouTube Video on Mineral Blend:


  • Supports healthy immune system function
  • Aids they body's natural detoxification processes
  • Promotes sound restful sleep
  • Supports the whole body's healthy inflammation response
  • Supports normal hormone balance and healthy metabolic function
  • Provides antioxidant support for cell protection from free radicals
  • Replenishes key electrolytes
  • Supports blood sugar levels already in the normal range
  • Enhances cellular energy
  • Provides cognitve support
  • Assists the body's natural healing functions
  • Boosts enzyme activity and supports healthy digestive function
  • Alkalizing minerals assist proper pH and healthy oxygenation levels
  • Alkaline pH of between 9.0 and 9.5

Allergen statement


Adults: 1 fluid ounce, 1-3 times daily, as needed. Can be taken straight from the bottle, or added to non-chlorinated water, juice, or other Vital-Earth liquid products. Take with food for best absorption. (The bottle lid is a 1 ounce measure). Don’t let the color alarm you! Humic is the rich color of dark coffee or tea, but it's tasteless.
If health challenge exists start at 1/4 dosage to allow the body to detoxify slowly. Build up slowly to full dosage. Refrigerate after opening.

Safety Warnings:

Precautions: Use only as directed. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a serious medical condition, consult a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have health problems, consult a health care professional before use.
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Mineral Blend Fulvic-Humic
Mineral Blend Fulvic-Humic
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32 oz. Liquid - 30 Day Supply
3 parts Fulvic to 1 part Humic
Rich dark color but it's tasteless!