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Our Guarantee of Purity

About Our Lab

All Vital Earth products are guaranteed free of unhealthy fillers, binders and toxic chemicals. No high heat, pasteurization, or pressure extrusion is ever used in any of our formulations.

We are adamantly opposed to artificial sweeteners and MSG of any type, so you will NEVER find either in any Vital Earth formula. Only healthy, all natural, low-glycemic sweeteners, such as stevia and xylitol, are ever used.

All ingredients are from premium sources, gluten free, and any flavorings used are from fruit derived natural sources. Only natural preservatives, from sources such as blueberries and other natural substances are used, when required, in small amounts that are less than 1/10th of 1 percent.

Here's what's NOT in any Vital Earth product:

  • NO - Polysorbate 80
  • NO - Hydrogenated Oils
  • NO - Polyethylene Glycol
  • NO - Sucralose, Aspartame, or any form of MSG
  • NO-Titanium Dioxide
  • NO Gluten
  • NO Genetically Modified Ingredients

Our lab has the highest certification available from the FDA: Pharmaceutical Grade

This means that each ingredient has met the rigid requirements for quality and purity established by Pharmaceutical Grade Standards. Along with extensive monitoring and documentation, internal audits, and rigorous testing, our lab operates under the following certifications and membership:
  • ISO 9000*
  • Current GMP status**
  • Member of NSF ***

These certifications ensure quality control enforcement of all aspects of production, from receipt of raw materials, plant cleanliness, lot tracking, testing, production, and shipping of finished goods. Stringent quality control procedures are part of every phase of our manufacturing. Microbiological analysis is perfomed on each and every product run before it is released for shipping.

We partner with a nutritional biochemist with over 30 years experience in this field to help us create our formulas. Each ingredient is carefully researched to make sure our products are therapeutic and readily absorbed by the body.
None of our products have been tested on animals.

*ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Assures that quality management principles are in compliance through all manufacturing phases.

** FDA compliance that ensures all products are safe, and pure by utilizing a highly regulated, quality controlled standard of manufacturing.

***NSF is a government agency whose purpose is to promote research and education for the advancement of science.

Why we created Vital Earth Minerals

Just like so many of our customers we were dissatisfied with the poor results we were getting from ineffective supplements. Their overly simple formulas that contained insignificant potencies, combined with substandard manufacturing, and low absorption delivery systems equated to minimal health benefits.
We decided to do something about it and created the Vital Earth line of products. We recognized that healthy living starts one cell at a time, and knew that's where Vital Earth products needed to go to work...on the cellular level.

We accomplished our goal by creating formulas that contain the miracle molecules fulvic and humic. We utilize a high performance combination of therapeutic strength potencies, the best and most bio-active nutrient forms, solution driven ingredient combinations, and maximum absorption delivery right into cells. It's a winning combination that gives outstanding results, and keeps our customers coming back again and again because they are getting visible and life changing results.

But supplements are only part of the big picture. Great health goes hand in hand with making better food choices. At Vital Earth our goal is to offer lifestyle information, promote natural eating practices, and provide products that make your body stronger and more resilient to help fight and reverse disease so you can maintain vibrant lifelong good health.

We hope that you and your family experience the outstanding results from Vital Earth products that we ourselves, as well as our customers have experienced.

Thank you,
The Owners and Staff of Vital Earth Minerals
The Owners' Stories:
Jody Ahrens, CEO
Jody reversed a very advanced case of Graves Disease (hyperactive thyroid). Yes, we said "reversed" - that means this supposedly incurable disease is now gone.
Since her full recovery in 2001, year after year, her tests come back normal; all without radiating her thyroid. How did she do it? She took Vital Earth supplements and completely changed her diet, filtered her water, and removed as many toxins from her environment as possible. She is in her 70’s, is in excellent health, and does not take a single prescription.

Read Jody's complete story

Jody's full recovery is what led her to investing in the Vital Earth Minerals company. She is active in promoting her dedication to Vital Earth products and living a healthy lifestyle.

Rhonda Mugnier, VP and daughter of Jody Ahrens
Rhonda's story is very simple. She experienced first hand what her mother, Jody, had to endure many years as she struggled with the terrible drug reactions, and disintegrating quality of life as the result of traditional allopathic medicine. Seeing Jody's complete turn-around was enough to make a believer out of Rhonda.

As a result Rhonda embraced alternative health herself, and quite unintentionally reversed her hypoglycemia, (which she erroneously thought had to be managed instead of cured), plus a long list of little nagging health issues, ongoing sinus infections, and a pretty sorry immune system. "Now my energy level is consistently high, I'm not in a low blood sugar mental haze, I sleep soundly, and I'm rarely ever sick".
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