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2 Products PLUS the Cookbook!

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Nourishing Traditions Cookbook
Super Multi Liquid Vitamins
Fulvic Mineral Complex

What could be better than powerful supplements bundled with one of the most informative and comprehensive educational tools available… Sally Fallon’s book, Nourishing Traditions.

Combining the practical knowledge provided in Sally Fallon’s book “Nourishing Traditions” with Vital Earth’s premier immune boosting, high potency liquid formulas, Fulvic Mineral Complex and Super Multi Liquid Vitamins has the potential to unlock the keys to more energy, sounder sleep, and vibrant health.

This cookbook is a also great gift idea to show how much you care. Make life better for someone special with the ultimate gift of boundless health.

All about the Cookbook:

Nourishing Traditions
by Sally Fallon

Nourishing Traditions is a captivating cookbook and an education. It’s a roadmap to giving your family the proper nourishment for a lifetime of vigorous good health.

Author, Sally Fallon, gives clear and concise guidelines about:
  • How to make healthier food choices

  • Why you need to eat “fat” to stay slim and maintain a healthy heart

  • Why certain processed foods are so detrimental to good health

  • Why our ancestor’s diet was so much healthier than ours

  • Plus, over 500 pages of easy food preparations and great recipes

  • And, every one of the recipe pages is supplemented with health tips, food buying and preparation information, ancient wisdom, and critical nutritional insights.

An indepth look at what's in the Nourishing Traditions book:

The premise of this amazing book is that proper food choices and preparation are the basis of avoiding diseases, illnesses and general poor health. The way we eat today is a radical change from the way nature intended, and how man nourished himself for thousands of years. Sally Fallon’s information is supported by hundreds of technical works from both demographic and controlled studies.
Recipes include old favorites, new ideas, ethnic foods and menu plans. But the most fascinating and educational parts of this amazing book are the mini articles written in the margins of the recipe pages, and the articles at the beginning of each chapter.
The 72 page Introduction alone contains enough information for an entire book. Sally Fallon sorts out fraudulent diet theories and explains proven, sound healthy principles, demystifying the confusing and conflicting information we all wrestle with in our quest for health.
From the Section on Fats:
“.... there is very little evidence to support the contention that a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fat actually reduces death from heart disease ....”

“Before 1920 coronary heart disease was so rare in America that when a young internist named Paul Dudley White introduced the German electrocardiograph to his colleagues at Harvard University, they advised him to concentrate on a more profitable branch of medicine”.

This section goes on to expose the new food products and doctor recommendations that brought on our current epidemic of coronary disease.
It speaks to all levels of curiosity, from the scientific minded to those of us who just want simple answers.
“One reason the polyunsaturates cause so many health problems is that they tend to become rancid when subjected to heat, oxygen and moisture as in cooking ...” “...(rancid oils are) characterized by free radicals—that is single atoms or clusters with an unpaired electron in an outer orbit”.
The introduction goes on to cover proteins, milk and milk products, minerals, enzymes, food additives and an all important Guide to Food Selection.
Mastering the Basics is the next section.
You will learn the history behind and the importance of cultured dairy products, fermented vegetables, and sprouted grains. Prior to each section of recipes you will find several pages of crucial health information.
For example, preceding the soup stock section, “Properly prepared meat stocks are extremely nutritious, containing the minerals of bone, cartilage, marrow and vegetables as electrolytes ....”. “Modern research has confirmed that (properly home prepared – not canned or boxed) broth helps prevent and mitigate infectious diseases”.
(homemade broths) ...”have been used with remarkable results in the treatment of cancer and bone disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments.”
Bottled salad dressing can’t hold a candle to the mouth watering dressings you will find in Nourishing Traditions ... from simple Sun Dried Tomato, Herbed Balsamic, French Cream Dressings and Mayonnaise to exotic multiple ingredient dressings like Caesar, Anchovy, Cilantro/Lime, Tahini, Oriental/Ginger, or Lemon/Honey ... just to name a few.
Great Beginnings is the next chapter
Here you will find Hors d’Oeuvres & Dips, Soups, Gourmet Appetizers and even Raw Meat Appetizers. There are so many unique and delicious sounding combinations you will want to try them all ... from Salmon Spread, Eggplant Relish, Mushroom Crustades with yoghurt dough, to salad combinations you would never think of.
32 pages of tantalizing, nourishing soups from around the world will entice the most finicky of appetites. Starting with the delicious, nourishing broths you learned to make in the first chapter, (Mastering the Basics), to using your food processor for making simple preparations. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book for those who need to prepare nourishing food for loved ones with diminished appetites.
The Main Course is for people with a hearty appetite
Find out for yourself that exotic recipes can be easy to prepare ... like Moroccan Style Chicken, Sesame Buffalo Wings, Duck with Plum Sauce to Meatloaf, Venison Stroganoff, veal, beef and lamb.
Here’s a sampling of one of the mini articles on the margins of the recipe pages
“In plain language, you are more likely to get cancer from vegetable fat, such as margarine, than you are from animal fat, such as butter.” “The Dutch consume four times as much vegetable fat as the Finns, and they have twice the rate of colon and breast cancer.”

Luncheon and Supper Foods recipes are based on whole, natural foods, especially favoring animal products high in fat-soluble vitamins such as fish, organ meats and eggs, and a variety of vegetables to supply a wide range of vitamins, minerals and anticarcinogenic agents.

Many of the meat salads fall in the category of designer fare and are suitable for the most elegant occasions. Others may be quickly assembled for family lunches. If you make chicken, turkey or duck stock, you will have plenty of tender meat for the variety of meat salads presented here.

Orthodox practitioners shunned eggs for several decades because they wrongly believed eggs caused coronary heart disease. Since that theory has been proven wrong, eggs are making the comeback they deserve. Recipes include how to properly and healthfully fry or scramble eggs as well as prepare quiches and soufflés.
No chapter on luncheon ideas would be complete without sandwich ideas
As sandwiches are a fixture on the American food scene, we should make every attempt to prepare them with nutritious ingredients. Fundamental to this effort is avoidance of the usual sandwich ingredients – preserved meats, condiments containing sugar and polyunsaturated oils, processed cheeses and unsuitable breads. It is easy to substitute fresh meats, marinated fish, nut butters, raw cheeses, sprouts, fresh and fermented vegetables, avocado, fresh butter, homemade mayonnaise and other spreads with high enzyme and nutritional content.

The Grains & Legumes section points out that the well meaning advice of nutritionists to consume whole grains as our ancestors did is misleading and often harmful
While our healthier ancestors ate whole grains, they did not consume them as presented in modern cookbooks in the form of quick rise breads, granolas and other hastily prepared casseroles. A quick review of ancient grain recipes from around the world will prove that our ancestors fermented grains or soaked them overnight, which activated the enzymes and neutralized the damaging phytic acid.

Modern science has discovered that the untreated phytic acid in the outer layer of grains can combine with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc in the intestinal tract and block their absorption. As little as 7 hours of soaking in warm water will neutralize phytic acid and activate enzymes.
On page 462 you will learn why boxed cereals are actually poisonous, and on page 468 a study is cited where lab rats were fed a variety of food, cornflakes and the box that the cornflakes came in. The rats eating the actual cornflakes died of malnutrition before the rats that were given the cardboard box.
Snacks and Finger Foods is a great place to find mid-afternoon or after school snacks for children, including healthy cookies, fudge, brownies and potato skins, pizza as well as quick and easy to prepare finger foods.
Desserts rounds out this down to earth cookbook. Starting with a guide to the multitude of sweeteners that are readily available, how each one works in recipes, and which ones should be avoided. You will find an abundance of recipes for healthy cakes, pies, cookies, custards, tarts and sauces. The Cheese Cake recipe starts with an almond cookie crust and suggests using the homemade cream cheese you learned to make on page 86.
Beverages include homemade ginger ale, fruit drinks, sweet potato soda, ginger beer and kombacha tea.
There are also guidelines on Feeding Babies, as well as Tonics and Super Foods.

What Others Have To Say:

Robert C. Atkins, MD, author of The Atkins’ New Revolution says, “I have to reco mend … Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. The first chapter of her book is so right on target that I feel a little guilty for taking her ideas. But what she pointed out is that ….”.

Clara Felix, Author of the Felix Letter says, “Nourishing Traditions" … is a work of genius … richly encyclopedic … run, don’t walk to the nearest phone and order Nourishing Tradition.”

Vital Earth Minerals recognizes that making the transition away from a diet of convenience and pre-packaged food is difficult and confusing for many. For the person who doesn’t know where to turn, Nourishing Traditions offers essential information for making better choices.

Nourishing Traditions is more than a cookbook – it’s an education that will guide you to “cook with pride”.

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