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Dustin McFarland Bio
Dustin McFarland, Product Specialist

Dustin McFarland, full-time in-house Nutritionist, Product Specialist and Educator for Vital Earth Minerals, has been passionate about health and fitness for more than 30 years.

Dustin began his journey when faced with his own health challenges at a young age. His quest for answers kindled a passionate enthusiasm for alternative health, the impact food and supplements can have on our daily lives, and the significance of recognizing the early warning signs of disease.

His vast knowledge, acquired from years of personal research, helped launch a successful career as a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, and gave him a unique perspective for helping his clients achieve optimal health.

Dustin works each and every day to gain a better understanding of how the human body achieves peak performance, and is eager to pass this knowledge on to others to enrich their lives and bring about lasting good health.

As the Product Specialist and Educator at Vital Earth Minerals, Dustin uses his impressive knowledge about supplements and health to educate consumers on the importance of minerals and proper supplementation, the most fundamental piece of ideal health.

When Dustin isn’t busy offering his valuable insights at Vital Earth Minerals, he spends his time biking, hiking, training, and enjoying nature with his wife and family in beautiful Colorado.

To contact Dustin call: 1-866-291-4400

Email: info@vitalearthminerals.com